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Use of straw pellet machine

In recent years, with my country's use of new energy and environmental governance. Biomass straw pellet machines have been popularized in major small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the annual sales volume of pellets is as high as 10 million tons. It also means the position of the pellet machine in the machinery market. Let's talk about the advantages and uses of the pellet machine. For your reference.

Significance of biomass pellet machine in low-carbon environmental protection

The use of clean and efficient energy has important practical significance for optimizing the energy structure, alleviating the shortage of energy supply, and improving the energy consumption pattern. As the main equipment of biomass clean energy, the biomass pellet machine is of great significance to promote the construction of a sustainable and economical society by the Ministry of Construction of China and lead China's energy into a green and low-carbon period.

Production cost accounting of wood pellet machine

Production cost calculation of wood pellet machine

Production cost accounting of wood pellet machine

Calculation of production cost of wood pellet machine 1. Power consumption cost According to the configuration of wood pellet production unit with an hourly output of 1-1.5 tons, the rated power consumption per hour can be calculated to be 87kw, and the power consumption for trial operation is only 70 kWh/h, which is 1 ton The production cost of the pellets is 56 yuan (average price per day in black and white). 2. Labor cost The production line needs to be equipped with two workers. The wages of each worker are calculated at 100 yuan per person per day in the market. The daily wage is 100*2=200 yuan, and the daily production is 10 tons, and the labor cost per ton is 20 yuan. (If the machine rotates 24 hours a day, it will be cheaper if one person is on duty.)

Automatic lubrication technology of main shaft bearing and pressure roller bearing of wood pellet machine

In order to allow users to better maintain the output during the use of the wood pellet machine, we have selected high-quality bearings provided by our factory group on the main shaft and the pressure roller.

How to eliminate the abnormal noise of the wood pellet machine

If the wood pellet machine has abnormal noise during operation, you can refer to several factors!
1. The feeding rate is not stable, and the feeding rate should be adjusted;
2. The internal machine scraper wears and causes uneven feeding, and a new scraper should be replaced;
3. The pellet machine ring die and pressure roller are old and new It is best to match the new ring die with the new pressure roller;
4. The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller is incompatible with the material produced, and the gap between the pressure rollers is adjusted;
5. The reason for the pressure roller, the old and the new The use of the pressure roller may be worn and damaged;
6. The formula used is more difficult to granulate, and the formula should be adjusted appropriately;

Daily maintenance and maintenance of wood pellet machine

Daily maintenance and maintenance of the wood pellet machine 1. Feeding must be uniform; this can make the pellet machine's granulation more smooth and keep the machine running at high speed. 2. Choose the appropriate ring die aperture according to the raw materials. Some users use too small apertures, and often the granulation density is too low, the particles are too small, or even no discharge. Therefore, when buying a pellet machine, ask the salesperson carefully, according to the different raw materials, what specifications should be equipped with ring die .

Sawdust pellet machine is not bad for environmental protection and money saving

With the tide of environmental protection, the wood pellet machine takes the interests of users as the starting point, and takes energy conservation and environmental protection as the development topic, so that the conversion and utilization of combustible biomass such as straws has the best way!

Sawdust pellet machine manufacturing process

Sawdust pellet machine and straw pellet machine are a kind of biofuel pellet forming equipment.

Relative advantages of wood pellet machine

Advantage 1: Direct transmission with high-precision involute cylindrical helical gears, and the transmission efficiency is as high as 98%. Advantage 2: Normalizing heat treatment after water forging of the transmission gear tooth blank improves the hardness of the tooth surface; the tooth surface is carburized, and the carburized layer is 2.4mm deep to enhance the wear resistance and prolong the service life of the parts; hard teeth The surface is processed by silent fine grinding and edge trimming process to make the operation quieter and more stable.
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